Slight Tastings

Bruschetta Trilogy (anchovies from the Cantabrian sea and burrata, tomato and basilic, lard and honey)

€ 9

Savory cannoli, tuna tartare, pistachios and Bufala cheeese cream

€ 12

Culatta ham with fried gnocco and pickled vegetables in olive oil (for 2 people)

€ 16

Vegetable caponata, ricotta cheese and Carasau bread

€ 8,5

Prawn-roll with scallop tartare, avocado mayo, tomatoes and Tropea’s onion

€ 13,5

Chef Croquette with parmesan receipe

€ 9,5

Summer vibes of polenta, sausages and cheese

€ 8

First courses

Casoncelli (Typical and local dish) with butter and sage (special version)

€ 13,5

Risotto with mint cream, goat cheese and pine nuts

€ 14,5

Paccheri (special pasta) with yellow tomatoes sauce, shrimps and basil emulsion


Black scialatielli (Special kind of Pasta) with shellfish/seafood

€ 16,5

Spaghetti pasta with garlic, oil, chilli and homeade bread cream

€ 12,5

Fusilloni (Kind of Pasta) amatriciana receipe

€ 12,5

Second Courses

Filet of sea bass with cataloggne, shrimps and carasau bread

€ 17

Sliced  Beef with spieced potatoes

€ 17,5

Beef tartare with thyme oil and lemon gel

€ 16,5

Special spheres cod with purple cabbage mayo

€ 15

Tuna tataki with coconut cream, nuts and  licorice chips

€ 18

Mixed fried fish with battered vegetables

€ 22

Pork tenderloin porchetta style cooking with fennel salad and Granny Smith apple

€ 14,5

Milanese elephant ear cutlet with fresh tomatoes, rocket salad and mustard potatoes

€ 26

Peppered mussels with tomato sauce and bread croutons

€ 15,5

Side Dishes

French fries*

Erotic potatoes *

Oven vegetables

Panzanella mix salad


€ 5,00


Vegetarian Honolulu

€ 12,50

Hawai with tuna and salmon tartare

€ 14,00

Maui with beef tartare

€ 14,00

Our pokes are served on a base of basmati rice with cherry tomatoes, mango, wakame seaweed, edamamè *, purple sauerkraut and wasabi mayo


Decomposed pastry with lemon cream, strawberries and meringa

Cheesecake with pistachio and rasberry

Homemade tiramisu

Passion fruit mousse with cocholate and tip quinoa

Flavored sorbet

Puff pastry with two chocolate and berries

€ 6,00

Cover charge € 2,50

To protect our customers, we indicate that: Raw materials / Products slaughtered on site – Some fresh products of animal origin, as well as fish products administered raw, are subjected to rapid blast chilling to ensure quality and safety, as described in the HACCP plan pursuant to EC Reg. 852/04 and EC Reg. 853/04. Allergens – Information about the presence of substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances is available by contacting the service staff as described by Reg. CE 1169/2011 and Ministerial Note 6 February 2015

The prices shown are expressed in euros

* frozen / deep-frozen products

Consult the list of allergens

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